This page lists some of the robots I've been playing with as part of my research, work or hobbies.


Nao CHAMP (the CSIR Hybrid Autonomous Manipulation Platform) was assembled in-house within MIAS at the CSIR from a Barrett WAM and a PowerBot. See the paper for more details.

aldebaran nao

Nao Nao (created by Aldebaran Robotics) - this robot formed the basis of much of the locomotion research in the RAD group in Edinburgh, and is the platform on which we participated in RoboCup, as the qualified team Edinferno.


Nkalakatha Nkalakatha - this LEGO robot was built for the course Intelligent Autonomous Robotics, to complete a challenge of searching an arena for tennis balls, and depositing them in bin areas. It featured pincers for ball-grabbing, and had a number of sensors including LDR and IR sensors. The robot was named after a song of the same name by Mandoza, a Kwaito artist from South Africa.


Khepera The Khepera - as used in the course Introduction to Vision and Robotics. This robot had a number of tasks to perform, such as exploring a partially observable environment, searching for an object marked as "contaminated", and then removing it from the scene.


LEGO MindStorms

MindStorms MindStorms - this diverse kit has been used in a number of small projects (both personal and work related).